Currently Coveting: JewelMint Arabian Flavored Jewelry

A couple months back, my good friend SherRon from Shoes to Lose gifted me a pair of JewelMint Navajo-inspired earrings that I’ve barely taken off since then.

As you may know, JewelMint is the brainchild of actress Kate Bosworth and her celebrity stylist Cher Coulter. Every month they create a new collection and give you the chance to buy any piece from it for $29.99. I’ve been watching the collections for a while and am seeing quite a few things that are covet-worthy. Here’s some of my favorites from JewelMint’s collection right now with a decided Arabian flavor.

JewelMint Barefoot Anklet
JewelMint Gypsy Queen Earrings
JewelMint Sahara Blust Belt
JewelMint Arabian Romance Bracelet
JewelMint Gold Swan Cuff

Which JewelMint piece is your favorite? Have you ever bought something from JewelMint?

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