Clothing Shopping Tips from My Clients

Photo: Vicente Alfonso

This week I have learned some great shopping lessons from my clients and since September, fall fashion is upon us (and that means shopping!), I wanted to share these shopping tips with you.

  1. If you’re still thinking about an item 24-48 hours later, go back for it! Don’t like being an impulse shopper? No problem. If that dress / jacket / bracelet you tried on shopping this weekend is still floating about in your mind in a couple of days, this is a good sign you really want it. If you can make it work with your budget, go back for it!
  2. Try different styles of clothing than what you already own. When you go shopping, you may find yourself naturally gravitating towards styles that you like, own and wear all the time. Challenge yourself the next time you go shopping to look for styles, colors, patterns, and silhouettes that are different than the usual for you. Stretch your personal style!
  3. If you know how a certain style fits, you can skip trying it on. When you’re shopping in a hurry, it can be a big pain to have to strip down to try things on in the dressing room. When you know how a certain style consistently fits on your body and you’re short on time, you can skip trying on the garment and probably still end up ahead.

If clothes shopping isn’t something that comes naturally to you, consider Personal Shopping services! Working with a Personal Shopper speeds up the shopping process, helping you navigate through endless options to find the right clothing for you. It seriously takes the stress out of shopping.

What is your best shopping tip?

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