Closet Hacks You Need To Know

By Hannah West

An organized closet doesn’t just look nice. It saves you time as you get ready every day. Knowing exactly where that blue blouse or that green tie is makes for a lot less frustration, especially when you’re already pressed for time. Implement these strategies for a mess-free, eye-pleasing, and time-saving closet.

Don’t Confine Clothes to Your Closet

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If you limit storage space for clothes and shoes to a dark, tiny hole in the wall, you’re probably dealing with a very stuffed, messy closet. But clothes aren’t something that you have to hide. In fact, you can have a stylish closet that’s an integral part of your bedroom. Use built-in shelving with racks and drawers to turn your crammed mess of clothes into an organized display. You can even turn that section of your room into a staging area with mirrors and a vanity.

Use Hooks to Hang Multiple Garments in One Spot

One of the most ingenious space saving techniques is to use S-hooks or chains to hang several hangers in the same spot, one under the other. This works best if you have a tall closet that’s not very wide. It takes up a bit more vertical space, but leaves so much more horizontal space up for grabs.

Keep Your Shoes Somewhere Else

Shoes are a real space hogger, especially when you take the trouble to keep them organized in boxes or on shelves. Instead of finding room for them in a small closet, store them on a sliding tray under the bed or on a decorative shoe ladder. There are plenty of DIY solutions for creative and attractive shoe storage if you’re willing to think outside the closet.

Organize by Color

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For some people, organizing clothes by color may be a waste of time. But if you have a whole wardrobe of business clothes that are essentially the same except for variations in color and pattern, this is an easy way to throw together a coordinating look on the fly.

Hang Racks on the Back of the Door

The back of a closet door is useful space that often goes unused. It’s a great place for a basket that holds scarves or small purses or a hook that holds ties. You can even install shelves on the back of the door for serious extra storage space.

The Three Week Minimizing Rule

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Getting rid of stuff is the most obvious but most painful solution to cramped closet woes. Sometimes there’s just no way around it. Narrow down what you keep to what you actually wear in a three week period, barring items that are out of season. To make it a little less tough to get rid of things you’ve invested in, choose a splurge item. If you’re a big shoe fan, come up with an organization system that allows you to keep all your shoes. If you are a purveyor of cute cocktail dresses, let that be your cheat item and keep all the ones you could see yourself wearing in the future. That small allowance will make it easier to stick to the rules on everything else.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like quite the organizing challenge! :) But sometimes small spaces can be better since they feel more cozy. One of our favorite tips for organizing small spaces is to utilize vertical space where you can. This keeps things off your horizontal space (floors, desk, etc.) So things like hooks on the wall for your bags would be good, and a shelf or hooks for your snowboard might work, too.

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