Christmas Gift Ideas for the Professional Woman on Your List

jennifer-armitstead-career-coachIf you have a professional woman on your Christmas gift list, career coach Jennifer Armitstead shared some terrific gift ideas, in a recent article. Here’s a little excerpt for you:

  • Nice pen: Have you ever been handed a nice pen from a sales person? It elevates that person in your mind, doesn’t it? There are many really slick and elegant pens that fit nicely in a planner, purse, or at your desk. When people use it, they won’t walk off with it because they will be very aware of how nice the pen is and want to give it back to you. Cross and FranklinCovey have great options at different price points. Get a colorful pen that matches your personality.
  • Special jewelry: Wearing a really unique and gorgeous pin or necklace to a networking event garners special recognition every time. It’s amazing how one piece of really nice and stunning jewelry will make a difference in how people remember you… especially if it’s something worn close to your face. Being remembered at professional networking events is critical in today’s business world. Being women who get to wear cool jewelry is a bonus! Guys have to make do with unique ties. Sorry.
Christmas gift idea: business card holder
Christmas gift idea: business card holder

I’ll add a Christmas gift idea of my own as well. Every woman ought to have a classy business card holder. It’s way more professional that fishing in your pocket for a crumpled business card when you’re networking. It’s all about creating that memorable image!

Check out Jen’s article What Every Professional Woman Should Ask for Christmas here!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas for the Professional Woman on Your List

  1. Great point on the business card holder, Sarah. I remember using my first business card holder, I felt professional and polished.

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