Fill In the Fashion Blank: The Most Comfortable Shoes I Own Are…

Every so often on the Cable Car Couture Facebook page, we poll out fans about a fashion related question and revel in the answers. Here was a recent question:

Fill in the fashion blank: The most comfortable shoes I own are ______________.

I'm with Amy! These Born shoes are among some of the comfiest shoes I own!

We asked, you answered! Here’s what you had to say:

  1. my flats. –Ana
  2. My leopard print flats…8) -Carrie
  3. Toms. -Colleen
  4. GEOX pumps, black with patent leather toe. -Stephanie
  5. I’m totally lame… My reefs :-) -Brittany
  6. Mary-Jane style pumps by Clarks. Casual and Smart perfect with Jeans. My friend laughed saying her Mom wore Clarks…my response -these are not your mothers Clarks! :) -Laura
  7. My Kenneth Cole black patent leather wedges. -Katie
  8. I love my red soda platforms with ribbon ties at the ankles. -Elizabeth
  9. My Born flats. -Amy
  10. Jute wedges, in all shapes and weird colors. Swear by wedges, they look so chic, wherein they are just giving you a higher pedestal to stand upon!! -Meha

Add to the list! What are the most comfortable pair of shoes you own?

Adopt the Fashion Trends That Work for You and Leave the Rest

This weekend I tried on a pair of Born lace-up oxford brogue shoes. I have been eyeballing and secretly coveting a pair of these babies for over a year, envisioning what I could wear them with. But when I got them on my feet at Dillard’s, they didn’t look like me at all.

They were great. But not on me.

Borrowed from menswear, the oxfords just looked like I was wearing boy’s shoes. Since I have short hair, that probably wasn’t making it any better. So, instead of trying to force the issue, I left. Empty handed.

If, like me, you discover a trend you absolutely love doesn’t work for your body type, your personal coloring or personal style, it’s okay. Some fashion trends are better left for other people.

Adopt the fashion trends that work for you, and leave the rest.

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Outdoor Retailer Show: Born Shoes

Last weekend, I was at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City armed with my camera in hand and was delighted at some of the wonderful things I saw. One of my favorites were Born Shoes.

Usually the way it goes is this: if you want comfort, you have to sacrifice style, and vice versa. But I’m convinced Born Shoes is the exception to the rule. Born has a Crown Line which is designed to be more current and on trend. Here were a few of my faves on display at the show:

They also have a terrific menswear line:

Wingtip brogue shoes have been all the rage recently — though since they’re a classic, they never really went anywhere. This suede pair could easily be dressed up or down.

Since the department stores typically just have a few pairs of Born Shoes on hand, I’d check out their website if you want a better selection.

Do you own a pair of Born Shoes? If not, what brand of shoes do you think is the most comfortable yet stylish?

College Fashion: Spring 2011 Fashion Trends to Try

Blog originally published at My Colleges and Careers.

Spring 2011 fashion is all about embracing the 70s! From flared jeans, to maxi dresses, crochet, and wedge shoes, the 70s are back! If you want to try some spring trends, here’s how to incorporate them into your wardrobe this season.

Sienna Miller loves her oxford shoes! Photos: University Chic
  1. Oxford shoes. Borrowed from menswear, oxford shoes are a fresh take on flats. You can dress them up or down, pairing them with your skinny jeans, girly skirts and dresses, or even shorts.
  2. Flared jeans. If you are tired of skinny jeans, flared jeans and wide-leg pants will be a welcome change. These styles are far more forgiving to womens’ bodies, balancing a fuller caboose or hips nicely and adding volume to smaller frames.
  3. Maxi skirts and dresses. These floor-skimming styles work with so many more figure types than the mini! For maximum versatility, layer tops and jackets over your maxi dress.
  4. Chambray shirts. This denim button down style shirt looks terrific tucked into your floral skirts, with rolled up chinos, or even jean shorts. Denim on denim is huge this spring! Belt it to show off your curves.
  5. Honeysuckle

    Color. Step a little out of your comfort zone and embrace colors like coral, orange, peach, lavender, aqua, chartreuse, or Pantone’s color of the year, honeysuckle.

  6. Layered necklaces. Twice is nice applies to layering necklaces. Layering long necklaces together looks fab. The rule: wear necklaces of different lengths in the same metal together. Keep in mind it looks best if the shorter necklaces have smaller pendants and the longer necklaces have larger pendants.
  7. Trench coats. Every spring, the classic trench coat comes back into vogue. Rather than wearing the standard khaki version, opt for a trench in a vibrant green, yellow, or pink. Some trenches even incorporate ruffles and bubble skirt styles to make it memorable.
  8. Crochet. To add some depth and texture to your look, crochet is a great way to go. You can embrace crochet in a vest, oversize sweater, or even jewelry.
  9. Wedge shoes. You’ll swear heels have never been so comfortable when you slip on a pair of wedge shoes!
  10. Lace. We’re not talking a little peek-a-boo lingerie lace, but incorporating lace into your accessories like this necklace from LiveInStyle.
LiveInStyle lace necklace.

What fashion trends will you be trying this spring?

Trend Alert: Wingtip Brogues

By Sarah Ward and Judith Rasband

John Lewis Deconstructed Brogues
John Lewis Deconstructed Brogues

A hot shoe trend we’ve begun seeing this year are wingtip brogues.  If you see them worn, you may mistake them for a woman wearing her boyfriend’s shoes since wingtip brogues are a classic shoe style for men.  The good news is that they can work for women as well.

Wingtip shoes, also known as brogues, get their name from the toe cap that forms a “W”, which resembles a bird spreading its wings.  Wingtip brogues have characteristic perforated holes along the edges, forming the winged shaping.

Wingtip brogues can be worn for business or social occasions.  Traditionally, great ways to wear wingtip brogues are with trousers to the office and other business occasions, a la Katherine Hepburn, who pioneered this style years ago.


This time around, we’re going to see them worn with a flowing floral skirt for a more relaxed look, or with pants and  for social occasions, often rolled up with edgy abandon.  They’re also a fun when paired with shorts for social outings.  Photos c/o The Satorialist


Even celebs like Sienna Miller and Rihanna (pictured below) are embracing this style.

Picture 3

What do you think?  Are wingtip brogues a trend you’d be open to try?

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White House Black Market, I’m In Love

As a gal that loves a sophisticated look that really flatters my curves, I’m in love with my newly discovered favorite store, White House Black Market.  The store is absolutely luxurious, with beautiful dressing rooms, and gorgeous pieces in excellent quality.

Here’s a few samples of their collection:

White House Black Market Striped Kimono Sweater $78
White House Black Market Striped Kimono Sweater $78
White House Black Market Noir Seamed Skinny Jean $78
White House Black Market Noir Seamed Skinny Jean $78
White House Black Market Plaid Bootie $98
White House Black Market Plaid Bootie $98
White House Black Market Matte Jersey Wrap Dress $148
White House Black Market Matte Jersey Wrap Dress $148

You can view White House Black Market’s collection at

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Wedding Wednesday: Make a Statement with Stilettos

One of the beautiful things about weddings nowadays is the shoes brides are wearing.  Brides often choose to make a statement with stilettos–and breaking with tradition, they’re no longer white.

So darlings, here are some ideas to inspire your stiletto statement on the day you walk down the aisle.

Tina and Philip, photographed by Lucida Photography
How about red? Tina and Philip, photographed by Lucida Photography
How about black and white? Ariana and Nate photographed by Everglow Photography
How about black and white? Ariana and Nate photographed by Everglow Photography

In case you didn’t get a good enough look at Ariana’s L.A.M.B. shoes, here’s another look.  They stop traffic, baby.

Statement in Stilettos - L.A.M.B. Daly Heel Black Shoe
Statement in Stilettos - L.A.M.B. Daly Heel Black Shoe
Statement in Stilettos: How about yellow?
Statement in Stilettos: How about yellow?

Which would you wear?

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Fawn Boutique in Park City

Update: Please note that Fawn Boutique is now Olive and Tweed Boutique.

When I was in Park City celebrating my birthday a few weeks back, I stumbled upon a terrific artist-driven shop called Fawn Boutique.  Trust me, the next time you hit Park City, you’ll want to check out Fawn Boutique.


Fawn Boutique is owned by a lady named Heather who left dentistry to pursue a dream of having her own shop.  You’ll be thrilled that her prices are super reasonable.  As a single mother, Heather wanted to be able to afford shopping at her own store :)  Fawn Boutique is also 75% artist driven so it has some delightfully unique pieces to give you a look all your own.

Here’s a few things you can expect when you pay Fawn Boutique a visit.


Awesome shoes like these emerald slingbacks, $30.


Unique jewelry, like these guitar pick earrings.  Perfect accessory, especially if your boyfriend is in a band.


Clever collars for your pet from Lucky Fiona.  These vintage inspired collars are super fab!



Gorgeous wooden carved pieces from the likes of Vancouver-based artist, Courney Fischer.


Great style!


A collection of lovely little journals like this vibrant yellow one.


Must have bangles!


If you are a knitting fan, you will LOVE their yarn shop!  Look at all those colors!


Creative tops.


Colorful bangles.


And in case you lose your way, you can always get back to Fawn Boutique with this darling brass compass necklace, only $22!  It’s one of their hot sellers and it really does work.

Fawn Boutique has the feel of a cozy boutique in the northwest.  You’ll definitely want to check it out.

You can find Fawn at 608 Main Street in Park City, UT or online at

Where do you shop when you’re in Park City?

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Summer Essentials: Top 10 Things a Girl’s Gotta Have for Summer

  1. A killer swimsuit. Every girl wants a swimsuit that flatters her bod that she feels comfortable in.  Take some time to try on different suits and make sure it fits and feels right before you take the plunge, so to speak :).

    ModBe Zebra Swimsuit $38!
    ModBe Zebra Lace-up Tankini Top $38!
  2. Shades. Besides the Hollywood glamor that a fabulous pair of sunglasses bring, a good pair of shades can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and prevent you from having to squint.  Sunny days will be that much more comfortable and fashionable for you.
  3. A beach cover-up. A wrap-around skirt or cover-up dress is a summer essential, especially as you’re going to and from the pool or beach.  Once the sun goes down, you’ll be glad you brought your cover-up!

    Old Navy Cover-Up $24.50
    Old Navy Cover-Up $24.50
  4. Great friends. Friends to share your adventures with are essential.  Take advantage of the warm weather, grab some friends you haven’t seen in ages and go on a day trip together.  Or bust out the grill, have a BBQ and invite the neighborhood!
  5. Wide-brimmed hat. A wide-brimmed hat can prevent the top of your head, ears and  back of your neck from burning in the sun–places that may get forgotten while slathering on the sunscreen.  Plus, they look fabulous.

    OMO Norma Kamali Swimsuit - you can't tell me that hat isn't fabulous
    OMO Norma Kamali Swimsuit - you can't tell me this hat isn't fabulous
  6. Sandals. In most climates, there’s only one time of the year you can enjoy sandals!  Even if you’re not a fan of flip flops, there’s plenty of darling sandals that will keep your feet cool and show off your new pedicure.
  7. Sunscreen. While everyone needs a good dose of Vitamin D daily, when we neglect to protect our skin from the powerful sun, it can result in skin damage and premature aging.  Don’t forget your sunblock and you’ll keep that youthful skin longer!
  8. A good book or magazine. Some of my best summer memories include me, the beach and a good book.  Stop by a book store or the library and grab a book for the road.

    Sarah's Recommendation: The Alchemist - a magical tale about following your dreams
    Sarah's Recommendation: The Alchemist - a magical tale about following your dream
  9. H2O. Especially in hot and humid environments, your body needs lots of water to keep your body temperature down.  Enjoy fruits in season during the summer like strawberries and watermelon–they’re a great source of water, too.  Water is a definite summer essential.
  10. Tunes. There’s something so nostalgic about music.  One song can take me back to a wonderful time.  Make new memories to your summer soundtrack and you’ll remember the sunshine and good times for years to come whenever you hear that song.

What are your summer essentials?

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