Scarlett Johansson on the Red Carpet at the 2015 Oscars


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Scarlett Johansson topped the list for best dressed at the Oscars on Sunday night in this emerald Versace gown and statement beaded necklace.

Scarlett’s Short Hair


It wasn’t just her dress that had heads turning but her hair as well. Her edgy undercut garnered tons of attention on the red carpet! It has me itching to buzz the sides of my hair again.


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Who was your vote for best dressed on the red carpet?

One Piece, Four Parties

As a belated birthday gift, my mother in law took me shopping and I found a glittery and glamorous navy sequin dolman top from Jennifer Lopez’s new line for Kohl’s. During the holidays, I decided I would maximize my purchase wear it to every Christmas party I attended, and found ways to wear it differently each time.

Party #1: Tim’s Work Christmas Party

Since the party was a business casual dress code, I paired the sequin top with a black pencil skirt, black tights, black ankle strap shoes and simple black pearls for earrings for a more conservative look.

Party #2: My Work Christmas Party

The best accessory I have is this dapper husband of mine on my arm, wearing a custom suit by Beckett & Robb. For take 2, I paired the sequins with Banana Republic fitted black slacks, Etienne Aigner black heels and drop Swarovski earrings I crafted on the way out the door… causing us to be an hour late. Fashionably.

Party #3: Alta Moda Holiday Party

Every year the folks at Alta Moda Bridal throw a holiday party that’s easily the social event of the season. This year was no different. White slacks were added to the mix for rave reviews.

Party #4: Going Away Party

The most creative combination and quite possibly my favorite of the lot, I wore sequins with this floral skirt by Shade and taupe heels for our farewell party.

Sure, it’d be fun to have different outfits to wear to every party during the holidays, chances are you won’t see the same people at each party.

The lesson? With a little creativity, one piece can go a long way.

What did you wear for the holidays?

Wear Red and Gold for the Holidays

Recently I was at Macy’s and saw this red and gold outfit on display. This is color scheme you can’t go wrong with during the holidays – isn’t this skirt amazing?

And if you happen celebrate Chinese New Year, these are lucky Chinese colors, so you can dust off your red and gold for the celebration in a few weeks as well.

What to (and NOT to) Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

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‘Tis the season for office holiday parties! A word to the wise, here are some things you should when deciding what to wear:

  • Cleavage — is that where you really want attention to go when talking to the guy from IT?
  • Too short/tight dresses — leave the club clothes for Saturday night
  • Too casual clothes — as to avoid showing disrespect
  • Holiday costumes — no sexy elf costumes!
  • Ugly Christmas sweater — unless that’s the theme!

Remember, you are partying with your boss and colleagues so that means your reputation is on the line. A good rule of thumb is this: Less skin is more! Because the more skin you show, the less authoritative you become.

Now that we’ve covered what to avoid, let’s talk about what to do.

  • When deciding what to wear, the word “classy” ought to be your guide.
  • Metallics, lace, and sequins are on trend during the holidays. A little can go a long way! If you add some sparkle, make sure to go simpler for the rest of your outfit.
  • If you are going straight to the party after work, bring a decorative accessory like a pair of glamorous stilettos, a bib necklace, or a feather clutch that will help make your outfit look more festive.

Here are some photos to get the wheels turning:



Photo: Talbot's Catalog

What are you wearing to your office Christmas party?

What I Wore: Chinese New Year

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Sarah and Eric exchange red envelopes.

To celebrate Chinese New Year and the incoming year of the Rabbit, my husband’s office brought in Chinese food for lunch on Thursday. Since Eric spent several years living in Taiwan, and I look for every excuse to embrace my Chinese heritage, Eric and I talked about dressing up in traditional Chinese garb to ring in the New Year. It just so happened we both wore blue!

Eric was telling us that during Chinese New Year in Taiwan, they shut down the country for two weeks to eat and party! I could go for some of that, couldn’t you?

What I wore:

  • Royal blue cheongsam blouse. The cheongsam is also a one-piece dress, made famous by upperclass Shanghai women in the 1920s.
  • Jade bracelet. It’s very common to see Chinese women wear jade bracelets like this one. The Chinese believe that jade will protect them, that the jade will break before they are hurt. Needless to say, after our car accident, I now have a jade pendant in my car.
  • Black slacks
  • Black boots

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? Do you have any fun traditions?

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Let’s party like it’s 4709!

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