Shop Till You Drop

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Shop till you drop is a real thing.

This week my lovely and talented friend Alexandra drove to Seattle this week so we could get our shop on. This successful car journalist just landed a fabulous new gig recently so she was looking for a handful of pieces to add to her collection. We cleaned up at Forever 21​ and sent her back to Vancouver with a rack’s worth of new threads. Driving from Vancouver to Seattle, having a marathon shopping trip and driving back to Vancouver, all in one day? Shop till you drop indeed!

Alexandra’s favorite piece of clothing is the blazer and she wears them all the time — it’s part of her personal brand. We gushed about blazers over dinner and agreed that blazers were so fabulous because they:

  1. Help you hold people’s attention longer
  2. Balance your body type, especially for women with triangular body types that have fuller hips and narrower shoulders
  3. Elevate any outfit

Wearing a blazer is a great way to use your clothing as a resource to help you achieve your goals. Obviously Alexandra’s obsession with blazers is working out in her favor!

Forever21 had a phenomenal selection of blazers in gorgeous colors. Go see for yourself!

Let me take you shopping! We’ll have a blast while we hustle and find clothes that look like you!

Cast Your Vote: Which Rivet & Sway Frames Look Best?

It felt like Christmas when my home try-on kit arrived from Rivet & Sway this weekend and I have spent the last few days trying on the different frames. Since I’m having a difficult time deciding, so I open it up to you: you readers are so fashionable and have great taste, so I’d love to get your two cents. Here are the candidates:

A: The Spitfire | B: The Hungry Heart | C: The Poetic License (since I already have several pairs of round glasses, this one probably isn’t a real contender)

Side view:

Front view:

Gosh, that’s a lot of pictures of my face. Since some look better from certain angles, I wanted to give you the full skinny.

My criteria:

  • something red or tortoiseshell frames
  • something different than something I already have (since I have two pairs of round frames, this rules out the Poetic License)
  • to flatter my face, something with vertical depth in the frames
  • something fun

Would love to hear your two cents!

If Rivet & Sway suits your fancy, use coupon code SARAHSWAYS to save $25 off your R&S purchase today!

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How to Layer Without the Bulk

Fall fashion is all about layering, but unless you’re careful, you can start looking like the Michelin Man. Here are three quick tips on how to layer your clothes without the bulk.

  1. Layer lighter pieces. A lot of the bulk in layering can come from thick layers like cable knit sweaters or lined pea coats. Look for thinner sweaters, cardigans, and jackets to layer instead so you can keep the warmth without the bulk.
  2. Cinch that waist. Find a way to create a clear waist indentation and it will create the illusion that you have a more hourglass silhouette. This anorak jacket has a drawstring waist which helps to accentuate a nice waist. You can also belt over or underneath your layering piece.
  3. Ditch the jeans. Jeans can add extra unflattering bulk underneath your longer layers. Instead, opt for a pair of streamlined leggings, pants, or trousers without the bulky stitching and pockets. If you’re wearing leggings, just make your derriere is covered!

Anorak jacket: $69.99 | Striped sweater: $69.99 | Mixed metal necklace: $29.99
Styled by Sarah Ward, Wardrobe Stylist for Pala Pala Dress Boutique in Seattle, WA.

6 Quick Tips for Posing for Pictures

Recently someone on Facebook asked me for tips about how to pose for pictures. Though I’m no Gisele Bundchen, I have modeled, can boast a billboard under my belt, and as an image consultant / wardrobe stylist, I know a thing or two about helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera. So if you’re looking for suggestions for an upcoming photo shoot, here’s 6 quick tips for posing for pictures.

  1. Keep moving. If you’re doing a photo shoot, every time you hear the shutter lens, change your pose slightly. A few suggestions to change your pose is to lower your chin, pop your shoulder up, tilt your head, put your hand on your hip, change the juxtaposition of your feet, vary your facial expression, just keep moving! You’ll have far more options to choose from when you see your photos. This photo series from Audrey Hepburn is a great example. Sometimes all it takes is a slight movement to make the perfect picture.
  2. Practice posing. A few years ago I was on the set with a new model who was having a hard time working the camera, so the art director had her grab a magazine for inspiration and start practicing posing in front of the mirror! I would extend the same advice to you. Grab a magazine, look for poses you’d like to try, then get in front of a mirror and see and whether the pose works for you. (I have a whole Pinboard on Pinterest called “Girl Can Pose”which is filled with different pose ideas. Follow away!) These images from fashion photographer Trever Hoehne are lovely, natural poses to try.
  3. Try new things. When editing my most recent Wear One Piece Five Ways segment, there were a couple new poses I haven’t tried before that found their way into the mix — I loved the results! We get so comfortable in the same poses, but it’s always refreshing to mix things up a bit. Take some of the things you’ve been practicing in the mirror (a la tip #2) and try to introduce them in front of the camera. It’s important to have a photographer you feel comfortable with so you feel safe to step outside of your comfort zone. 
  4. Stand up straight. They say the camera adds 10 pounds, and good posture can make you look 10 pounds less so make sure you stand up straight! Elevate that carriage! Inhale deep through your nose and lift your breast bone. (Sidebar: don’t stop breathing when the camera clicks! I can actually tell on images where I completely freeze a pose for the camera, including my breath. It’s far more natural when you keep breathing while having your picture taken.) 
  5. Whatever part of your body is closest to the camera will appear larger. This can be in your favor if you want to maximize your jawline or bust. On the flip side, if you want to minimize a figure variation such as your hips, derriere, or arms, angle this area away from the camera — the area in question will look smaller in the photo as a result. A bad example of what not to do is Fo from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12. By leaning towards the camera, Fo’s head and face look larger while the rest of her body appears smaller and short. This is the shot that sent her packing.
  6. When all else fails, turn at an angle to the camera and smile! For a slimming effect, standing at a 45 degree angle to the camera, put your hand on one hip and smile. It works practically every time!

    Photo: Elisabeth Kate Photography. Styling by Cable Car Couture

What is your best tip for posing for photographs?

3 Benefits to Wearing a Cardigan – modbod Cardigan Giveaway

Right now we’re doing a giveaway on this modbod cardigan. It is super versatile! You can dress it up:

Or down:

If you’d like to gift it for someone this holiday season, you can get a 20% discount at or in stores by using coupon code 7777.

Win It

One lucky winner will snag this darling modbod cardigan in their color and size preferences. To enter the contest, follow the rules below.

Mandatory EntryWatch the video

After you have watched the video, you can get additional entries by doing one — or all — of the following.

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Please leave one comment per entry.

The contest ends on Tuesday, December 27 at midnight.

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What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quite likely the biggest meal of the year with the average calorie intake clocking in at 4500. As you’re deciding what to wear on Thanksgiving, might I recommend choosing something that is:

  • Loose-fitting through the torso
  • Stretchy at the waist to accommodate your post-turkey tummy
  • Comfortable!

My outfit today meets all of these criteria and is even in a festive color scheme to boot.

Today I Wore

  • Brown v-neck from Kohl’s
  • Patterned cowl tunic dress from modbod
  • Brown leggings from modbod
  • Cognac boots from Nordstrom

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mod Bod Giveaway: Wear One Piece Five Ways

The Mod Bod is a local clothing company dedicated to providing great quality modest clothes. We’re excited to bring you a giveaway for two popular Mod Bod pieces, the flared Belle skirt in red, and the lace front cami in gray.

To give you a preview of my upcoming class on How to Wear One Piece Five Ways, here are five different ideas of how to wear each piece.

The red Belle skirt is eye-catching and dramatic, and as you can see, it’s a really versatile piece. Plus, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day long. With a fuller skirt, it can nicely accommodate women with fuller hips and thighs. Even a gal with wider athletic shoulders will appreciate the flare since it will help balance their body.

Outfits from L to R — Outfit A: Belle skirt with print shirt. Outfit B: Skirt with white button down shirt. Outfit C: Skirt with black turtleneck and apron. Outfit D: Skirt with floral ruffle top. Outfit E: Skirt with black tee and white cardigan.

The gray lacey front cami is ultra soft and can be worn in lots of fun ways. The lace texture gives the piece some great visual interest, making it a great way to spice up a simple outfit. It’s nice and long (great for gals like me with a long torso) so you’ll be sure to get plenty of coverage.

Outfits from L to R — Outfit A: Gray cami with pink boyfriend cardi and black skinny jeans. Outfit B: Cowl neck top with cami, black skinny jeans, and suede boots. Outfit C: Purple cardigan, fishnet scarf, cami, gray jeans. Outfit D: Cropped jacket with cami and blue skinny jeans. Outfit E: Orange tunic with cami and black skinny jeans.

Buy It

If you can’t wait to get your hands on these fabulous pieces, you can purchase the Belle Skirt and Lacey Front Cami online at or from the Mod Bod University Mall store.

Win It

One lucky winner will snag these two Mod Bod pieces in their size! To enter the contest, follow the rules below.

Main Entry: Tell us which outfit you like best!

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  • 5th entry: Tell us how you would like to style the pieces if you won them!
  • Please leave one comment per entry.

The contest ends on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at midnight. Let’s hear it from you!

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Wedding Wednesday What I Wore

This morning at 5:30am, I was at the Channel 2 studio downtown doing modeling bridesmaid dresses for Lily and Iris, the latest addition to Salt Lake City’s wedding industry. Perfect feature for today’s Wedding Wednesday!

(L to R: Lenni, Sarah, Abbie, Amanda, Hilary)

What I Wore:

  • Black and white chiffon dress
  • Bolero jacket
  • Clutch with rhinestone closure
  • Feather hairpiece

Considering it’s been 0*F recently, this black and white ensemble styled by Hilary is glamorous and warm, ideal for outdoor photo ops. The light bodice draws attention up and the bolero balances out the body, making it a great choice for women with fuller hips.

One of the things discussed on air this morning is how today’s bridesmaid dresses are no longer the “one and done” dresses. They can be worn again for evening wear, cocktail dresses, and even to the beach (if hemmed properly!).

Abbie’s aqua dress, Amanda’s fuschia silk dress, and the ensemble I wore are all available at Lily and Iris in downtown Salt Lake City.

To get the whole breakdown, you can watch the Channel 2 Lily and Iris segment here!

Holiday Fashion Show: New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

Earlier in December, Cable Car Couture teamed up with Mikarose to product a holiday fashion show and showcase great holiday outfit ideas. If you’re looking for something to wear New Years Eve, read on for some inspiration! All photos by Elisabeth Kate Photography.

New Years Eve Outfit Idea #1: If you’re having a quiet New Years Eve with friends or family, Ruthy’s fun outfit with a boyfriend cardi, whimsical tunic, leggings, belt, and houndstooth scarf will be perfect. The fullness in the tunic will help camouflage a tummy.

New Years Eve Outfit Idea #2: This little black dress with an empire waist is spiced up with a sparkly belt and fun dove necklace worn by Laureen. With extra coverage at the arms, you won’t be self conscious about not having gone to the gym for a while :)

New Years Eve Outfit Idea #3: Jen’s bohemian look is great for someone with a romantic personal style. Layered over the black and white baroque pattern dress is a Forever 21 boyfriend cardigan, thick belt, and shawl with fringe. If you’re going to be taking in outdoor festivities, the boots and additional layers will help keep you warm!

New Years Eve Outfit Idea #4: You can put your distinct fingerprint on a little black dress like this one worn by Gina by choosing a unique belt that draws attention to your tiny waist! This fun animal print belt is actually a guitar strap, like we showed in the innovative belt ideas video, showcasing creative ways to wear a belt.

New Years Eve Outfit Idea #5 & 6: If you’re going to an elegant dinner party, this Moroccan blue dress with matching shawl worn by Jessica is sure to fit the bill. With a full skirt, it’s a great way to camouflage fullness in the hips.

Sarah wears a satin Mikarose top tucked into a ruffle skirt with sequin detailing and a multi-strand gold necklace to top it off. Hard to go wrong with satin and ruffle during the holidays!

New Years Eve Outfit Idea #7: The elegant Hollywood dress is a great template for however you want to style it. We used a scarf as a belt, though you could change it up with layered necklaces, faux fur throw and long evening gloves.

New Years Eve Outfit Idea #8: Jen channels Grace Kelly with this black and red polka-dot ensemble. The cowl neck helps amplify a smaller bust with the flared skirt accommodating nicely a fuller lower torso. She plays up the polka dots in the scarf with pin-dot tights. Red lipstick adds additional glamour!

To see more from Mikarose, check out their online modest dress collection.

So what are you wearing New Years Eve?

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What to Wear for Thanksgiving

When deciding what to wear for your Thanksgiving feast, choose something that will nicely accommodate a full belly. A typical Thanksgiving meal runs around 3,000 calories, so here’s a couple tips for what to wear for Thanksgiving:

  1. Wear a top with an empire waist. This paisley tunic has lots of fullness which will give you a plenty of room to digest.

    Photo c/o Justin Hackworth
    Photo c/o Justin Hackworth
  2. Wear a top with a blousing effect. This rectangular tunic shirt gets some nice shape to it when you add a belt. Take a deep breath and the blousing effect will naturally occur, giving you some extra wiggle room at the waist. No one will know if that’s air or skin under there!


  3. Wear an extra layer like a cardigan or vest which will nicely conceal any fullness in your midriff.

What will you be wearing for the biggest feast of 2010? 3,000 calories, here I come…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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