Cast Your Vote: Which Rivet & Sway Frames Look Best?

It felt like Christmas when my home try-on kit arrived from Rivet & Sway this weekend and I have spent the last few days trying on the different frames. Since I’m having a difficult time deciding, so I open it up to you: you readers are so fashionable and have great taste, so I’d love to get your two cents. Here are the candidates:

A: The Spitfire | B: The Hungry Heart | C: The Poetic License (since I already have several pairs of round glasses, this one probably isn’t a real contender)

Side view:

Front view:

Gosh, that’s a lot of pictures of my face. Since some look better from certain angles, I wanted to give you the full skinny.

My criteria:

  • something red or tortoiseshell frames
  • something different than something I already have (since I have two pairs of round frames, this rules out the Poetic License)
  • to flatter my face, something with vertical depth in the frames
  • something fun

Would love to hear your two cents!

If Rivet & Sway suits your fancy, use coupon code SARAHSWAYS to save $25 off your R&S purchase today!

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14 thoughts on “Cast Your Vote: Which Rivet & Sway Frames Look Best?

  1. That IS a tough choice. They all look fantastic. I have to say I am partial to the Spitfire on you. Seriously, you can't go wrong with either one (ruling out Poetic License). :)

  2. Isn't it, Ellen? Have to say that I'm leaning towards the Spitfire since my eyes seem to be better centered in the frames on those than the Hungry Heart. If the Hungry Hearts were just a tad narrower, it would take the cake. Thanks for chiming in, Ellen!

  3. Thanks for your feedback, JoLee! I love those frames, too, but they seem to make my eyes look like they're too close together when you look at them from the front. I've been partial to the Hungry Hearts from the beginning.

  4. I love the spitfire. I think you look good in them AND they are fun and different. But do agree with the other comments that any of them could really work.

  5. I love the Spitfire! They visually draw the corners of your eyes upward and it gives you an even more pleasant look! As if you're not cute enough. You look so good in glasses, you really can't go wrong!

  6. I love all the choices and I see everyone is picking the spitfire, but I am drawn to the poetic license. I think they look great from all angles. I love your short hair links, I am getting my haircut tomorrow and its funny that I am always attracted to Ginnfer Goodwin and use her pictures often as an example for my hairstyle, but again I will be using her because of your pictures. I am so glad you stopped by because now to have found your blog and can't wait to see more!


  7. I love the Poetic License on you! They flatter your face perfectly and are fun and interesting. 😉 (Of course, I wear cat's eye glasses myself, so I might be a little biased. 😉 )

  8. Carrie, how exciting about your haircut! Have you blogged it? Would love to see photos! So happy to be connected!

    Thanks for your feedback on the Poetic License! This company has great glasses options.


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