Back to College Clothes Shopping on a Budget – For Him

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For guys looking to do back to college clothes shopping on a budget, we’ve got what you need. Here are eight versatile core cluster pieces you can buy for interchangeable outfits to make the most of your clothing money this year. Even if you’re enrolled at an online college, don’t underestimate the effect that the clothes you wear can have on your productivity. (Plus, these are clothes that chics will dig.)

  1. Jacket. As the weather cools down, this jacket can be worn over virtually everything and will help keep you warm. Plus, the off-center zipper adds some personality.
  2. Sweater. This sweater can be worn alone, or over one of the collared shirt for a preppy look.
  3. Collared shirt. Not just for the office anymore, collared shirts look great with sleeves rolled up worn with jeans.
  4. Pullover. For cooler mornings, this pullover would be great. If you wear lots of T-shirts, you can also substitute this for an extra tee.
  5. Short sleeve collared shirt. Wear this plaid shirt with jeans or shorts, depending on the temperature.
  6. T-shirt. Let your personality shine through with fun graphic tees.
  7. Shorts. Since some guys wear shorts all year long, even in the winter time, this is a durable and versatile pair.
  8. Jeans. These dark wash jeans will go with everything here.

Shoes, shades, belts, and bags will help you to express your style further.

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