Adopt the Fashion Trends That Work for You and Leave the Rest

This weekend I tried on a pair of Born lace-up oxford brogue shoes. I have been eyeballing and secretly coveting a pair of these babies for over a year, envisioning what I could wear them with. But when I got them on my feet at Dillard’s, they didn’t look like me at all.

They were great. But not on me.

Borrowed from menswear, the oxfords just looked like I was wearing boy’s shoes. Since I have short hair, that probably wasn’t making it any better. So, instead of trying to force the issue, I left. Empty handed.

If, like me, you discover a trend you absolutely love doesn’t work for your body type, your personal coloring or personal style, it’s okay. Some fashion trends are better left for other people.

Adopt the fashion trends that work for you, and leave the rest.

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