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Do you start out your day feeling overwhelmed and uninspired when you look in your closet? If you answered yes, you’re not alone.

With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves for some spring cleaning in your closet. When you have an hour to spare, take some time and start pulling out clothes that aren’t working for you.

Here are five things that don’t belong in your closet anymore:

  1. Clothes that doesn’t fit anymore. If you have clothes in your closet that are too tight, too big, or too short, you’re far less likely to wear them. If you have pants that are too long and worth tailoring, put them in a separate pile and get them hemmed. (And actually get them altered!)
  2. Clothes that are uncomfortable . If you’ve been holding onto that wool sweater you never seem to wear it because it’s too scratchy, it’s got to go. If you have a pair of pants that are great, except they’re too short in the crotch area, put them in a giveaway pile for someone.
  3. Clothes that are stained beyond repair. If you have a shirt with an oil stain that you never got out when it was fresh, it’s time to let that go. Same goes for white shirts with stains in the underarms.
  4. Clothes that need replacing. Anything that went into the discard pile that you wore regularly and need to replace, belongs on your shopping list.
  5. Clothes that don’t reflect who you are. Your personal style is constantly evolving so if you see something that you haven’t worn for ages because it’s no longer a representation of who you are today, toss it in the giveaway pile.

After you go through your closet, put all the clothes that are still usable in a plastic bag and take it to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or community clothing swap so someone else can enjoy them. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

If the thought of purging your closet is completely overwhelming to you, consider working with an Image Consultant for a Wardrobe Evaluation. In a Wardrobe Evaluation, we clear our what’s not working, create new outfits with the clothes you already have, and develop a shopping list to fill in the blanks. And believe it or not, we have a blast while we’re at it! As one of my clients said of her wardrobe session, “Best money I ever spent!” Schedule your Wardrobe Evaluation today!


4 thoughts on “5 Things That Don’t Belong In Your Closet Anymore | Seattle Image Consultant

  1. I regularly clear out my closet and sort out clothes for ebay and for charity.
    Luckily I have a very talented seamstress who alters my clothes when needed. Couldn't do without her and I am her regular customer!

    Lady of Style

  2. this is such a good post. I agree with all points. It's good to clean your closet so when you look at it, you feel inspired instead of feeling like you don't have anything to wear. =)

  3. thank you nancy! truth — it\’s so easy to get stuck in the \”i have nothing to wear rut\”. recently i found that the simple act of closing my closet door makes my clothes look more fresh and exciting. it\’s the little things!

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