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Here is a photo of the impressive leaning tower of clothes that were purged from her closet.

This week I worked with a client who had accumulated several years’ worth of clothes in closet. When we met together for a Wardrobe Evaluation and to Shop Her Closet, we discovered that many of her clothes weren’t even being worn. After reviewing each piece, many of them ended up on the cutting room floor — in fact, we probably weeded out half her closet!

Are you holding onto years worth of clothes? Here are three things you need to purge from your closet today.

  1. Tired clothes are clothes that have been worn and loved but are past their prime. Good indicators of tired clothing are faded colors, pilling (tiny balls that appear on your clothes), and clothes that have lost its elasticity.
  2. Dated clothes. While things come back in fashion if you hold onto them long enough, there is often a trend update that will differentiate the new clothing from its first time around. Let’s purge pieces that look ultra-dated.
  3. Clothes that don’t fit. It’s not uncommon for women who have gained weight to hold onto their “skinny clothes”, hoping it will serve as motivation to get into them again. In many cases, the opposite is true. Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Once you lose weight, you’ll have a great reason to celebrate and buy new clothes that fit your body and style.

The goal at the end of the day is to wear everything you have in your closet. If the thought of purging your closet makes you want to hurl, consider hiring an Image Consultant to help navigate the process for you. Check out our popular Wardrobe Evaluation + Shop Your Closet service! I’d love to help.

8 thoughts on “3 Things You Need to Purge from Your Closet | Seattle Image Consultant

  1. These are great tips. I don't hold on to skinny clothes and I wear so many vintage items that I have no idea if I look dated or not (I should probably look into that) but I definitely have a problem with keeping tired clothes. I just hate to throw anything away so I'll pick off pills and sew holes forever. I need to learn not to do that.

  2. Great to hear from you, Gracey! Tired clothes are definitely a common thing for many women's closets. The de-pilling shavers (a razor will also work in a pinch) can give a pilled piece a quick facelift in no time! You might want to start a list of "aging" clothes so you can start replacing your staples over the next 6 mos. to a year. -Sarah

  3. I just donated loads of clothes to The Sanctuary – an organization that helps women who are coming from abused spouse situations. Three dresses, five pants suits, 20 pairs of slacks (one even had the tag still on it!), 8 sweaters, four pairs of capris, 2 blouses and a sprinkling of shorts for a bonus. Why so much? I've lost over 20 pounds and I can't wear those items anymore! So, instead of crowding my closet, I purged… and it felt sooooo good! Plus, the benefit of helping other women who need nice professional clothes for interviews totally gives me the warm fuzzies. (BTW, I didn't donate anything that is tired or dated).

  4. That is awesome, Jen! I haven\’t heard of The Sanctuary before but it sounds like a phenomenal resource for women. That\’s something I totally love about you — you\’re always looking for a way to make a contribution to your community. This is going to make a big difference for those women. Doesn\’t it feel great to have room to breathe?

  5. These are great tips! Thanks for these words of motivation. I think I should go through my closet as well since i found myself to be gaining weight again and have to watch out with my diet. May be it's now time for my clothes to find their new owner. My sister would be happy to have them and I bet they perfectly fit her.

  6. These are excellent tips…I just went through my closet and purged a couple grocery bags worth of items. I haven't grown since 8th grade (ha ha) so I still had a couple nasty old bits of clothing from then! I also tried to get rid of some of the clothes that I kept trying to MAKE fit even though they were too big or too small…and got rid of some pieces that I liked, but never could feel comfortable wearing. Definitely made my closet more fun/easy to work with :)

    I'm loving your blog by the way…and what an amazing business you run! Wish you could jaunt over to MN and come shopping with me. You are a lady of style and talent! And I think we have lots in common…I love fashion, food, an dancing :)

    <3 Cambria

  7. Thanks for your great feedback! As women it's so common for us to experience weight fluctuation so having clothing that has some "give" and are more loose-fitting will help during this transition for you. It's not a bad idea to go through and see what isn't working anymore so you can make a list of what you need to replace. Great idea for sharing your clothes with your sister as well :) -Sarah

  8. Cambria, thanks for your lovely comment! That's impressive that you were able to give away so much from your closet. A lot of women have a hard time parting with clothes because there's so much sentimental value attached. That's what personal style is all about — finding clothes that you're comfortable wearing that express who you are.

    So glad you're enjoying my blog! I love being an Image Consultant :) Even though we live across the country from each other, if I can ever help remedy a clothing emergency via Skype, I would be happy to do so! It's so great to "meet" you :) Love that we have food, fashion, and dancing in common! What type of dancing you do enjoy?


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