12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for College Students

Here’s a Halloween costume post I wrote for My Colleges and Careers. The costume ideas can work for virtually everyone!

As you’ve been getting invitations to Halloween parties, are you panicking to find a Halloween costume to wear that is quick, easy, and cheap? Don’t sit this one out because you don’t have anything in your closet. Here are some last minute Halloween costumes that are perfect for college students so you can have a spook-tacular Halloween night!

Dwight Shrute. Part your hair down the middle, get wire-rimmed glasses, and a brown suit with a yellow dress shirt and brown tie. Don’t forget not to smile because smiling is a sign of weakness! Party conversation? Beets, bears, Battlestar Galactica.

Lady Gaga. Blow up a few dozen clear balloons and tape them to skin-colored clothing. False eyelashes and a blonde wig with blunt bangs will perfect your look.

James Bond. Don a suit, white shirt, and bow tie (Can’t tie it? Doesn’t matter. Leave it undone for effect), an impressive looking watch, then get your hands on a fake gun and summon your most confident, cocky self. That’s it. It’s that easy.

Wicked Witch of the West. All you need is a witch’s hat, green facepaint, and a black top and long skirt to be transform yourself into the Wicked Witch. If you have a black sheet, tie it around your neck as a cape.

Scarecrow. Pick up a large flannel shirt, faded blue jeans, and a hat from the thrift store. Get some rope to use as a belt and to tie on your wrists and ankles, then stuff your clothes with paper or plastic bags, letting some straw hang out for extra effect. A little face paint and you’re ready to go!

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Domino. If you have ten minutes to get out the door, throw on some black clothes and cut out white dots to be domino pieces. Three hole-punch Jim would be along the same lines.

Runaway bride. Head to your local Salvation Army and get the cheapest wedding dress you can find. Strap on your Nikes and you’re an instant runaway bride. Wearing a large watch or clock necklace will perfect the look.

Mummy. Raid your bathroom for toilet paper, wrap yourself up as a mummy, and walk with stiff arms and legs. Just as long as it isn’t raining, the toilet paper thing will be great!

Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon. Grab your best friend of the opposite sex and dress up as this hilarious couple from 30Rock. The guy will need a suit and tie, while the girl will be comfortable in jeans and a hoodie and dark rimmed glasses. For a more dressy look, the girl can wear a blazer and jeans instead.

Miss America. If you have access to an old prom dress, all you have to do it find a tiara, some gaudy jewelry, and a bouquet, then pile on the stage make-up. The last final piece of the puzzle will be to make yourself a sash from wide white ribbon, with Miss America written in glitter glue.

Cowboy. A collared shirt tucked into jeans with a large belt buckle, cowboy hat and boots will have you looking like a cattle hand in no time at all. Get a paisley bandana and tie it around your neck for added effect. On the heels of the release of Cowboys and Aliens this summer, being a cowboy may be a trend this season!

Mime. If you’d rather be antisocial, a mime is the perfect costume for you. Wear black clothes (a black and white striped shirt will do the trick), suspenders, and a beret, then apply some white face paint with dark diamond-shaped eye make-up.

If you love making costumes and Halloween is your favorite time of year, maybe a career as a costume designer orĀ costume attendant would be right up your alley!

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  1. Those are some great ideas! The domino one was something I've never seen before and I love it! I've done a version of the Miss America one using wordplay – Miss Diagnosed, Miss Behavin', Miss Understood, etc.

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