10 Glam Makeup Tips from Makeup Artist DorothyInez

For the last ten years I’ve pretty much been doing the same eye makeup and recently I have really wanted to mix things up. So when my good friend and makeup artist DorothyInez invited me to her Simply Gorgeous Eyes class, I was excited to access her genius and learn more. (You may remember DorothyInez as the makeup artist from the recent Sell Your Sole Consignment Boutique photo shoot.)

With six of us in the class, DorothyInez demonstrated makeup techniques on a model, then gave us a chance to practice the new techniques on our own faces while giving feedback on our application. Her teaching style is really playful, informative, and encouraging which made for an enjoyable class.

Here are some great takeaways I walked away with:

  1. Makeup can help you create the perfect face. Using the right makeup placement, you can draw attention to certain areas of your face and give the illusion of a perfect face.
  2. When applying eye shadow, look down rather than closing your eyes. When we close our eyes, it can cause our eyelid to scrunch. It may help to tilt your head back.
  3. When holding a makeup brush, hold it from the end for feather-light application. When you hold from the middle of the brush, you obscure your line of vision, blocking you from seeing your progress, and your application is too heavy.
  4. When you’re applying your makeup, relax! Do you have the tendency of opening your eyes really wide when applying your eye makeup? I do! Don’t forget to relax your facial muscles!
  5. When you clean your makeup brushes, squeeze them dry, then lightly reshape. No wringing out the water! Be kind to your brushes and they will last for a long time.
  6. Dark colors close down the eye while light colors open it up. For example, if you have small eyes, lining the waterline on the lower part of your eye with a white pencil will make them look larger.
  7. Before applying fake lashes, draw a thin line on the base of the lashes so there isn’t a gap between your natural lashes and the falsies.
  8. When applying the glue to the false lashes, let the glue dry for 30-60 seconds before application, rather than right away when the glue is still wet.
  9. Start applying the falsies from the outside of the eye in at the base of your lashes. Use closed tweezers to press down the lashes against your skin.
  10. Every woman is beautiful.
My before and after -- I'm amazed at the difference the falsies made!

At the end of the class I was feeling so glamorous! I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn false eyelashes so it was a real treat to play around with this medium.

Even DorothyInez who swears by MAC and Motives will use the $4 lashes from Target. One of the gals brought lashes from e.l.f. and they were really long and lovely.

Viva glam!

If you want to tap into DorothyInez’s genius, she is hosting another Simply Glamorous Eyes Workshop on Friday, August 3rd in Tacoma specifically for evening eyes. If you can’t attend, she also offers Online Makeup Classes via Skype. Check it out!

What is your best makeup tip?

(Disclosure: I received free tuition for Simply Beautiful Eyes in exchange for a blog post.)

6 thoughts on “10 Glam Makeup Tips from Makeup Artist DorothyInez

  1. Sarah, what a wonderfully written review of my class. I really enjoyed having you and thank you so much for your honest feedback. I hope to see you at my next one.

  2. DorothyInez, it was my pleasure! It was fun to feel glamorous when pulling weeds later in the day on Saturday. But I made sure to go out to a nice dinner to capitalize on the glamor!

  3. Isn\’t it true! Face contouring is amazing! I picked up a book on it over the holidays and was astounded at the difference that contouring made. It transformed normal women into absolute bombshells.

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